Models have been developed for various situations and models will not run if they were not designed for the situation presented by your patient. A listing of models that will display as N/A under different situations follows:

Model Will NOT run and display ‘N/A’ if…
Gail Patient has breast cancer, is <35 years old, has LCIS
Tyrer Cusick 6 or 7 Patient has breast cancer
Claus Patient has breast cancer
Myriad Patient does not have cancer and no breast cancer under age 50 and no ovarian cancer
BRCAPRO Will run but not display breast cancer risk over time if patient has breast cancer

NOTE:  No models will run if the patient has self-reported AH, LCIS or genetic testing until verified in Mastery.

Situation If…..
No ovarian risk If patient had oophorectomy or ovarian cancer
No breast risk If patient had mastectomy
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