Kevin S. Hughes, MD, FACS

Kevin S. Hughes M.D.


Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

Surgical Director

Breast/Ovarian Cancer Risk Assessment Program Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

Associate Professor of Surgery

Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts

Medical Director

Bermuda Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment Clinic Hamilton, Bermuda TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT PLEASE CALL: 617 724-0048

Kevin S. Hughes, M.D., FACS is a Breast Surgeon and is the Co-Director, Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital

Since finishing his fellowship in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute in 1986, Dr. Hughes has been actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. He is well-known for his research in finding the least amount of treatment necessary to obtain the best results, running a national trial on breast cancer in older women. The results have made it now a standard practice to avoid radiation in most older women with early breast cancer. He is now participating in a trial to extend these results to younger women with less aggressive disease. Dr. Hughes tries to minimize the treatment needed in all aspects of breast cancer, using sentinel node biopsy, lumpectomy with Oncoplastic Techniques, genomic studies of tumors and nipple sparing mastectomy and other minimally invasive techniques, and avoiding, where possible, radiation, axillary dissection or chemotherapy. Dr. Hughes is well known for his commitment to Multidisciplinary Care, having set up the first breast center in Rhode Island in 1987, at University of California, Davis in 1988, and at the Lahey Clinic in 1990. He currently serves as the Co-Director of the Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital, a team of specialists dedicated to the management of women with breast problems, where our goal is to give the best treatment possible to the patient with the least trauma and intervention possible. A woman (And some men) come to the center where surgeons, breast imagers and pathologists work together to rapidly screen, diagnose and manage women with breast lumps, abnormal mammograms, nipple discharge, breast cancer and other breast problems. Dr. Hughes was formerly the President of the National Consortium of Breast Centers, a Society dedicated to multidisciplinary care. Dr. Hughes is well known for his work in identifying and managing women at risk of breast cancer, and is involved in studying the impact of breast density on this risk. He has done extensive research in hereditary breast cancer and atypical ductal hyperplasia/ Lobular carcinoma in situ. All women seen at the Avon Center are evaluated for their level of risk and managed as needed with intensive screening, 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis), MRI, genetic testing and the latest screening and prevention methods.  Dr Hughes is the Medical Director of the Bermuda Cancer Genetics and Risk Assessment Clinic, making genetic testing easily accessible to the residents of the Commonwealth of Bermuda.

Dartmouth College

Dr. Hughes is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical School, and trained at the Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh for general surgery, followed by a fellowship in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Hughes was formerly on the faculty of Tufts University, the University of California, Davis and Brown University

Experience with Electronic Health Records

Dr. Hughes is actively involved in the development of Electronic Health Records that improve the quality of patient care and decrease clinician workload. He co-authored the HL7, ANSI approved standard for transmitting family health history between Electronic Health Records. Http:// *The Massachusetts General Hospital Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center, Boston, MA, offers women the most advanced breast imaging, surgical screening, diagnosis and management, and pathology services available. Kevin S Hughes
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