Selected Lectures

2012 American College of Surgeons   Rhode Island Chapter.  Genetic Risk   Factor:  “High Risk Gene Profiles in   Breast Cancer Management BRCA1/2 and other Issues”.  Warwick, RIRhodeIslandApril3


2012 Hematology Oncology Today   Breast Cancer Meeting.  “Risk   Assessment and Individualized Screening”.    San Diego, CASanDiegoMRI_TyrerCuzick
2012 22nd Annual National   Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference. “Clinical Management According to   Risk”. Las Vegas, NV.NCBCVegasRisk Assessment and Individualized Screening
2012 29thMiami   Breast Cancer Conference. “Using Computers to Increase Efficiency in a Breast   Oncology Practice”, “Electronic Health Records: Are You Ready?”MiamiBeyond the EHR

“Software   Program to Identify and Manage Women at High Risk”

MiamiComputer Solutions to Identify and Manage Women at High Risk

“Is Post-Lumpectomy   Radiation Necessary in Older Patients?”



2012 Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center Risk Prediction   Workshop. “Integrating patient entered data and Clinical Decision Support   into the clinic workflow using Tablet technology”. Boston, MA.
2012 American Society of Breast   Surgeons. Breast Cancer: Special Situations. “Breast Cancer in the Elderly”.   Phoenix, AZ.ASBS2012ElderlyMinutesEmail
2011 1stPavia   Update on Breast Cancer.  “How to set   up a high risk clinic”PaviaDevelopRiskClinic

“Hereditary Disease, How Great a Burden and How Well   Are We Doing?”

PaviaHow big the problem (FILEminimizer)

Pavia, Italy

2011 Melange Foundation Charitable Organization.  “Bermuda’s Genetic Link to Breast   Cancer”.  Hamilton, Bermuda.
2011 3rdWorld   Congress for the Advancement of Surgery.    “Hereditary Breast Ovarian Syndrome:    The Role of Risk Models and Health Information Technology”“Breast   Cancer in the Elderly:  Is Radiation   Necessary in Early Cancer?”  Jerusalem,   Israel
2011 IBM Haifa Research Lab Family Health History Workshop.  “Exploration of Potential Solutions to Data   Collection and Clinical Decision Support for Family Health History.   Haifa, Israel.JerusalemIBM
2011 Annual Conference of the Israeli Association for Medical   Informatics.  “Creating the  Electronic Health Record of the   Future”.  Tel Aviv, Israel. MASTERToDistributeTelAvivHughesCreating the EHR of the future
2011 ASCO HIT/EHR Symposium.  “Beyond the Electronic Health Record – New   Health Information Technology”.    Atlanta, GA
2011 Chemotherapy Foundation   Oncology Symposium.  “Predictive and   Prognostics Tools for Electronic Health Records Web Applications”.  New York City, NY.
2011 Massachusetts General Hospital Advances in Cancer Management Parallel   Workshop Sessions.  “Identification and   Management of Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer”.  Boston, MA
2011 16th Annual Multidisciplinary   Symposium on Breast Disease.    “Industrial Strength Identification and Management of Women at High   Risk of Hereditary Breast Cancer”.    Amelia Island, Florida
2011 “6th Annual   Breast Cancer Symposium”.  Wake Forest   University Bridger Field House, Winston Salem, NC
2011 21st National Interdisciplinary   Breast Center Conference.  “Using   Information Technology to Identify & Reduce Risk in Hereditary   Cancer”.  Las Vegas, NV
2011 American Society of Breast   Surgeons 12th   Annual Meeting.  “Breast Electronic   Medical Record”, “Hereditary Breast Cancer”.    Washington, DC
2011 Cleveland Clinic Ob/Gyn and   Breast Center Talk.  “Hereditary Breast   and Ovarian Cancer”.  Cleveland, Ohio.
2011 Saint Barnabas Health Care System Comprehensive High Risk Breast Cancer   Evaluation Symposium.  “Industrial   Strength Identification of Women at High Risk for Hereditary Breast Ovarian   Cancer Syndrome”.  Long Branch, New   Jersey.
2011 Florida Hospital Cancer   Institute American Society of Hematology and the American Society of Clinical   Oncology Update.  “Breast Surgery:  Breast Cancer Risk”.  Orlando, FL.
2011 Endo-Surgery Institute Society   of Surgical Oncology Conference.  “Risk   Assessment and Reduction (Genetic Testing)”.    Cincinnati, Ohio.
2011 The 4th National Conference on Next Generation Comprehensive Breast   Centers of Excellence.  “Electronic   Medical Record Implementation Solutions:    Use of The Electronic Health Record in The Breast Center”.  Atlanta, GA.
2010 Health Level 7 Annual Plenary Meeting Lecture. “Future of healthcare using genomics as a key   tool”.  Cambridge, MA.
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