This all new version of HughesRiskApps Risk Clinic Module is detined to become the industry standard for managing high risk clinics.  It is designed to minimize Clinician and staff workload, while leveragiing the power of models and alforithms to increase the quality of care.

The Software is fine tuned to manage the data and the workflow of a Breast/Ovarian Cancer High Risk Clinic.  In addition, it has been refatored to increase its utility for other Hereditary Clinics, such as Hereditary Cardiomyopathies and Hereditary Colon Cancer.

Features include:

  • State of the art pedigree drawing software
  • Easy family history and risk factor entry by clinican or patient
    • Patients can enter family history and risk factors via
      • Tablet
      • Website
      • Other software
  • HL7 compliant
    • Uses accepted standards allowing interoperability with other software
  • Uses established risk models without redundant data entry
  • Records and organizes mutations in any gene
  • Produces documents an dreports auomatically
  • And much more…

An overview of the software functionality appears in this slide set:

HughesRiskApps Risk Clinic Version 3

YouTube Instructional videos

Risk Clinic, HughesRiskApps:

Upload HL7 Message, HughesRiskApps:

Entering Genetic Test Results, HughesRiskApps:

Creating Test Patients, HughesRiskApps:

Making a Pedigree, HughesRiskApps:

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