Knowledge in Medicine – Defining the Problem

In this age, we aspire to practice evidence-based medicine , which has been described as an approach that applies “the best available   evidence gained from the scientific method to medical decision   making.” (Sackett DL, Rosenberg WM, Gray JA et al) Instead, we   are more likely to practice     memory-based medicine  meaning that “Current medical practice relies heavily on the unaided mind to recall   a great amount of detailed knowledge.”(Crane RM)   Our failure to practice evidence based medicine is endemic   throughout medical care, as documented by McGlynn et. al. who   found that barely 55% of patients get recommended care, and that   this could be seen in the management of multiple conditions (Figures   1 & 2). Furthermore, the average time from the discovery of   medicine to reach patients is 17 years – because of the slow   adoption of practice changes.(Balas EA, Boren SA)  ….

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